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  • April 7, 2020
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Soccer distancing or social healthiness?

Day 20 without sports: Got a notification from a random Whatsapp group page. Turns out I’m in my departmental press and I should have turned out a COVID 19 article since. Yikes.
Let’s attempt to reach 400 words and make sense so I can submit something interesting, enthralling, unwonted and invigorating (I may or may not be making up words at this point).

I just really miss sports. Lately, I’ve been thinking of the men and women that kept us glued to our TV’s and result sheets; the sportsmen themselves. Times are really difficult and motivation must be at an all-time low for them. Leagues suspended, Olympics postponed, loss of eligibility for age group competitions, wasted preparation/funds and most importantly money might not be coming in especially for the non-elite in a time when people are expected to stock up and stay at home. Even the organizations would be feeling the heat. No money from ticket sales or broadcasts, dwindling sponsorships and renegotiation of contracts that could not have foreseen a situation like this. It is really difficult.

Every Corner you look, it’s news about the corona virus. More and more people are dying: Lord have Messi. The mortality rate is quite low but it’s a Hazard to the lives of old people and those with pre-existing medical conditions. I actually feel this pandemic will be overcome only by the end of the First half of the year. “What are Usain?” you might ask but nobody can Curry me into believing otherwise and it’s mostly because people are not taking this seriously. I actually want Du- rant or rather Canvas for people to do the needful. Stay at home if and when you can. I mean, things will surely be better at Home (unless you’re a certain Liverpool I hear). Every Basketball player knows this. Don’t Travel. I hope there is a serious Penalty for defaulters. That’s Nadal. You have to regularly wash your hands with soap and water, wear masks and Gloves if you will, to Keep you from getting infected, and avoid touching your face. The Goal is to not get the virus and not Pass it if you have or might have it. The Bar is really low. Speculations are that things will get better as the temperature starts to rise in temperate regions. Mayweather isn’t looking like it but summer in June should hit. Let us all work as a Team and Pool our efforts to Knockout this virus.
With my lines, I’ll Blow if I start Rapinoe. Another dry joke and the Crickets will start to chirp. Take necessary precautions so sportsmen can resume and you won’t have to read articles from me. Till then…
PS: “first half” up there is actually the end of the first half of this article. Count it and see.

When some team tried winning, peace!

By Egbeyemi Bowofoluwa

NIMechE UI Press

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  1. SinaArts says:

    This is just wowwwwww….. Like wowwwwww!!!!

  2. Daniel says:

    this is definitely from a sport person…wonderfully crafted…… I hail o…

  3. Oluwasogo says:

    awesome…that’s the word..

  4. EmmyLee says:

    This is just so smashing

  5. Kitties says:

    Okayyyyy I was totally *not laughing* all through‍♀️

  6. Darhnearl says:


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