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  • July 6, 2020
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Something constantly baffles me. It is the ability to be very interested in one thing now and struggle with it the next minute. I have learnt that it does not happen to just me and I am seriously struck at the fact. The idea of variety in attention span is one thing that has hit me and made me stick to its theories. Could it be that I always pick really big interests in things and dump them days later because my attention span is low?

Now I hear that technology tends to shorten our attention span too. There should be a way we can work around it, or what do we do?

Some authors, such as Neil Postman in his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death, believe that the attention span of humans is decreasing as use of modern technology, especially television, increases. Internet browsing may have a similar effect because it enables users to move easily from one page to another

From Wikipedia

Naturally, children tend to have a short attention span but they improve with time as they are made to go through routines that force them to stretch themselves. A five year old is not usually impressed with a game that tends to go on for a long time before a win is recorded. With time, he is more specific with his interests and by sixteen years of age, he can spend hours playing long games that he has interest in. In old age however, it starts to wane again. The old man cannot just grow old with one activity or thought. Other times, it is not a factor of age but individual differences and interests. Some of us cannot sit with books that are not colourful for more than thirty minutes. We easily get bored. In the same planet, some others will sit with 1000 black and white pages and be excited to share details.

Of all things, ASUU strikes have made me see how easily I get bored with being in one place for so long or doing just one thing for months. Talk more about our current indefinite break from everything due to COVID-19 and its troubles, it could not have been worse. On this table, the sum of the weight of all of us standing will send the Hooke’s balance to the center of gravity of the earth. So many unfinished businesses, incomplete courses, arts and crafts gone wrong as a result of uncultured attention span.

Imagine having to forget to do a big project in time and you have to rush it at the dying moment. Some of us take the excuse of saying we like extreme sports. What if there was no second chance? Could it be that you did not pay attention to the details of the project submission because your mind had wandered off while receiving the task? It looks extreme again but since the log you stand on in the flood can float to the edge of the canal, take note of the possibilities. You just cannot afford to be slack, you know (you know already and you despise motivational speakers).

Inasmuch as it is good to take a break when things choke you, it is better not to take premature breaks. The saying, “what is worth doing is worth doing well”, is actually true. We all have this training to do, to board the train of discipline and good personal relations culture. Being focused is not impossible, no matter the attention span.

To more joy and fulfillment in accomplishments, cheers!

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4 responses to “ATTENTION!”

  1. Victor says:

    Cheers Titi! This was a good read.

  2. Afeez says:

    Good job

  3. Khelz says:

    This is well said. I hope to work on it in my life because I really need it. Thank you.

  4. Chief says:

    Absolutely! What is worth doing, is worth doing well.
    Great read!

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