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  • May 7, 2020
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The break we have received recently, has two things involved, namely; COVID-19 quarantine measures and ASUU strike. As you would agree, it has made a lot of us, members of the UI mekanikal family to take to many things. This led to our development of this series, BREAK FLIPS. In this inaugural edition, our correspondent, Ayegbeso Daniel, met with a 200 level mechite, Stephen Odumurin, and we are happy to share the interview with you below!

Kindly introduce yourself
My name is Stephen Odumirin. A 200 level mechanical engineering student

Nice meeting you Mr Stephen. Do you have a nickname? If yes, I’ll love to know.
Hmmm. “s_t”
Is this pronounced, “s underscore t” or what?
It’s S.T.

So tell me, what have you been up to in this break period, what are those things that have been keeping you busy?

During this break… I started a Udemy course on mobile app development. It has been fun though. Then I decided to make an educational app (it’s classified for now)
I love graphics designing too, So I design at my at my leisure time. Well, I can say I’m a youtube undergraduate.

Wow, you are really developing yourself in this break period. Well-done.
Our readers are curious though, why did you decide to develop yourself outside the scope of mech? I mean, we all know you are a mech student
Well, I can’t start reading for the next semester, of which the resumption date is still unknown. However, I bought a course on autocad and I would start very soon.

Okay…that’s very good. Rating your proficiency in those skills you have acquired so far, on a scale of 10, what would be the score?
Mobile app 6/10
Graphics Design 4/10
Autocad 1/10
(Laughs) What happened to AutoCAD? Is it because you’ve not started the course?Yeah, I just know the basics.
Ok, with consistency and enough practice you’ll get to the desired apex.
Yeah, by God’s grace.

So what do you think of mechanical engineering at large and Mech, UI?
Mechanical engineering is concerned with the design and manufacturing of devices, or systems. I’m more interested in the design / programming aspect.

Great, so what do you think about your department? Any comment?
Ohh. Well, we all know NiMeche UI is the best department in tech.
Our outgone President really raised the bar high and I pray God gives the incoming president the grace to do better.
I love NiMeche UI for being NiMeche UI
Wow…so emotional. I should shed tears of joy

Engineering students sha

Do you even miss school at all? We’ll love to know.
Sincerely I miss school .

What do you miss about school? I miss everything apart from the academic part (friends and some low key things sha) .I’m tired of staying at home.

We hope the pandemic ends soon, many of us are tired of the long break.
Yes oo. Asuu strike should end too.

Let’s keep our hopes high.

Alright! Thanks for granting the NIMechE UI Press the privilege to Interview you sir. We wish you the best in life as you keep honing your skills( AutoCAD inclusive).
My pleasure sir.
Thank you

Do have a nice day ahead.

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  1. Innjoo says:

    YouTube undergraduate

  2. Major says:

    CR mih
    I respect you, brother

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