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  • June 14, 2020
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Imagine a land so bare and empty. There’s nothing fantastic about it right? Besides no one gets fascinated by sand. Now imagine there are trees and vegetation on that land. Now the land looks better, it has life. Now imagine if there are flowers of all kinds and colours. They all sprouted from the ground and are arranged in no particular order. You see a garden so bright and beautiful, full of life and comfort. Being in that garden gives you peace of mind. It could become your best place to be especially if you want to vent out anger without hurting anyone. Some people even feel God’s presence there.

What if the flowers that grew in that garden had just one colour? It’s still a nice garden but not as beautiful as the garden full of colour.
Now imagine the world with just one race, probably we were all white or black. We will have a culture but there would be a limit to what we can know. Each race has their own culture, something that their colour defines just as the colour blue make you think of the sky or sea. When we blend together, learn from other races, we become a beautiful piece of art, we look more meaningful. However, those who don’t accept others’ culture, who don’t learn from other races, look like a picture of clashing colours. What do you think a painting filled with shouting colours will look like? They all definitely fall under that category but nah that painting would have been better.

Now imagine if there are dull, warm and shouting colours together. That painting could be worth more than a lot. All categories of colours can’t stand alone, they need other categories to create a beautiful masterpiece. The same goes for all of us. We all need one another to create a beautiful world and make history like Joseph’s coat of many colours.

© Madeline

2 responses to “COLOURS ARE BEAUTIFUL”

  1. Jcally says:

    Great piece!
    PS: I also started to imagine men of different colours smiling as their photograph was taken.

  2. Victor says:

    Very well written! This here is a very noble call to action.

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