Corona Virus Predicted?

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  • April 7, 2020
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Get well soon, and well done to the health care workers

Corona virus: Prophesied; Conspiracy theory; or an infinite monkey theorem in action?
Around the end of last year, a virus came up in China. This virus causes a Middle East Respiratory syndrome and Severe acute Respiratory syndrome which are transferred to humans through civet cats and dromedary camels respectively. This virus has killed people in their numbers in China, with fewer reported cases of the epidemic outside the shores of the nation blessed with one of the seventh wonder of the world. This virus which affect its new host (human beings) causes respiratory problems which include difficulty in breathing and some pneumonia-like symptoms. The virus is known as novel Corona Virus (nCOV).
It’s shocking to find out that some pages of the “eyes of darkness”, a book written by the popular writer Dean Koontz in 1981 has something similar to the happenings around the birth of this Corona virus. In his book, Dean Koontz wrote about Corona virus affecting one of the characters in his novel around 2020 which is fashioned to be a biological weapon from China. What a striking semblance with what became a reality to the world in late 2019. Why the same time range? Why the same name? Why the same territory of outbreak? Why? Why? Why?
This got people talking, could it be a prophecy or some sort of prediction from “prophet” Dean Koontz; could it mean that the best-selling author Dean Koontz was signifying in the “spirit” when he was writing his book “the eyes of darkness”. Well, if that’s true, that signifies that the end of the outburst epidemic is nearer than we expected because according to the “prophet”, Corona virus will disappear almost very soon. That’s the good news if it were to be a prophecy.

Kidding me!

Could it be a conspiracy theory? Could it be that some covert people have staged a play of a script written about forty years ago? Could it be that the cause of action for specific years or moments in the century has been outlined in a script somewhere and the play is staged with every creature of God in the universe being the cast of the epic movie. But if this side of it is true, why play with people’s life with such an epidemic? Why?
The third aspect we couldn’t overlook with regards to Dean Koontz story on the Corona virus is the infinite monkey theorem. Infinite monkey theorem states that if you gather infinite monkeys in the universe and allow them to punch keys of a keyboard for an infinite time range, then it’s possible one of them write a text; possibly the work of Shakespeare. I don’t want to go into mathematical proofs of the theorem, that’s none of my business. So, the story recorded in “Eyes of Darkness” could be one of the effects of infinite monkey theorem, it could be that he wasn’t a predictor or a prophet as we might think. It could mean someone somewhere could have written about Boko Haram. Perhaps we could just go search to find out when it’s going to end. Perhaps the writer -although unknown to us at the moment- could have predicted when it’ll end. Who knows?
So, we can conclude that if it’s a prophecy by “Prophet” Dean Koontz, we all can relax and watch it disappear but if it’s a conspiracy theory; why play such a costly game on the lives of fellow human beings. And, if it’s an infinite monkey theorem, I don’t even know what to say about that; I just like the name of the theory Sha…
Whether it is a conspiracy theory, a prophecy or prediction by Dean Koontz or just an infinite monkey theorem in action, I really can’t tell. Can you?

By Ayegbeso Daniel

The NiMechE UI Press

4 responses to “Corona Virus Predicted?”

  1. Daniel says:

    Nice research work Mr work. what an interesting read too and nice articulation of words. kudos to you. but it’s needful to point out from the well articulated article that fact that some of the predictions attributed to Mr Koontz ain’t actually from him, some are and others are. google out Sylvia Browne to find out what people say she wrote about the Corona in her book, you’ll find out some things like time range and the disappearance of the virus as it comes was predicted by her.

    one again, I must commend the energy you’ve put into this..kudos

  2. oluwasogo says:

    Nice article Mr Daniel….ensure neccesary fact checking next time…thanks

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