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  • January 20, 2020
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Obasi Obinna is single. We’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. To answer your next question; no, he is not gay. Right now, you think you can relate. You actually can’t; unlike you, he is single by choice.

Relationship gist aside though, press correspondent Anih Victor went the extra mile to find out some other mind-blowing things about Obasi Obinna Paul that you didn’t know. Nobody loves spoilers, so we’ll just let you find out those things yourself in the interview below.

We present to you, Obasi Obinna Paul; President of NIMechE-UI and multiple award-winning scholar.

Oh, did we mention that Obinna is single??

Hello. Can we meet you?

My name is Obasi Obinna Paul, and I am the current President of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, University of Ibadan Student Chapter.

Cool. I hear you have a twin. Tell us a little about him?

Okay. So, God decided to give my parents just 2 kids, and he went the extra mile to provide it to them at once. My brother is much like me in several aspects. He is presently a final year medical student at the University of Nigeria. He’s very involved in several activities but then, thank God he’s brilliant, which is why he gets to pass his exams. He’s right-handed; you can easily differentiate us with that.

Wait so does that mean I can’t tell you guys apart if I ran into you on the streets one afternoon?

Haha… You can. I’m a little bit taller, slimmer and darker than him. He also has a small cut on his eyebrow, so it’s not so hard to tell one of us apart from the other.

You’re darker than him?

Yes. Ibadan sun has not been fair to me.

Wow. Anyways, I’ll keep an eye out for the brow cut whenever I’m looking to differentiate between you guys. Let’s get into academics for a bit.


Your GP has been on “almost first-class” for a while now. How has that felt, being so close all this while?

Ummm… It does feel disappointing. Really. 200l was my bane, and that is why I am really enthusiastic about mentoring the younger ones so that they do not make some of the mistakes I made. That’s basically why I started the Mentor-Mentee Program 3 years ago.

It’s quite admirable that your reaction to your personal struggles in 200L was the Mentor-Mentee Program.

Thank you.

I understand that since then, you have put a lot of effort into crossing the line academic wise. But you have also put in a lot of effort into so many other things. How have you coped?

It hasn’t been easy actually, but one thing that has definitely eased the burden is the people I surround myself with. I can proudly say that I have some of the best, positive and most supportive people around me. They continually challenge me to do better.

Support system goals. Now, about NIMechE-UI. How’s the ride been so far?

It has been an amazing one generally, but it’s also been fraught with several challenges. My predecessors set a high standard and I think that so far, we’ve measured up to these standards. Our events now attract a large number of mechites and non-mechites, which is actually an upgrade because we used to be plagued with a low turnout of students.

And the challenges?

Umm… The primary issue we have is the irregularity of the calendar. It’s caused us to shelve some of the programs we had planned for Mechites. There’s also the considerable challenge of finance; it is significant because it has constrained us from carrying out some of the projects we have planned out.

Money money money. This is me hoping that you and your team find a solution to these financial constraints. But, let’s get back into personal matters now. Do you have a girlfriend?

(Laughs) I knew this would come up. Sadly, I don’t.

For real?

Yeah, for real.

Explain to me how Obasi Obinna does not have a girlfriend.

I don’t know how to explain it, but life deals us cards and we just have to play with what we have, so currently, I have a lot of things on my table that life has dealt me with and sadly I don’t have the card of a girlfriend to play for now. Hopefully, I’d have one soon.

I feel like you used that poker analogy as a deflection tactic. So, I’m going to be even blunter. As an attractive public figure who’s done some really amazing things, you’re sure to have quite a number of admirers. Are there some of them who have caught your eye?

Damn! I guess I cannot escape this (Smiles). Well, a couple of them have caught my eye.

Then why holdest thou back?

Well, like I said earlier, I don’t have the relationship card to play for now.

Na wa o. All this card talk sef. Anyway, moving on; you’ve held several leadership positions during your stay in UI and most of these posts have required you to be out there. Do you ever feel the need to just take a step back from the spotlight and stuff?

Sure, there are several times that I wish I could just lock myself up in my room and not have to worry about any organization or association. But then I always console myself with the fact that I’m trying to do good and trying to affect my environment positively and this is something I actually enjoy.

They say the most important thing is finding meaning in whatever one does. On that count, you’re doing just great. So, you graduate in a couple of months. What are your plans for after school?

Yeah, I actually want to work on myself. I want to develop my core tech skills. I also want to write a couple of exams and hopefully further my education outside the country.

Such handsome clouds

I’m glad you mentioned the abroad. If you had a couple of outstanding job offers; say there’s one outside the country and another one in the country, which would you go for?

Exposure is something I don’t joke with. I love being exposed to life elsewhere, that was the major reason why I decided to study here. So, I’m definitely choosing the ‘abroad’ option

Smart choice. Exposure is key, and the abroad is key. Thank God they are the same thing. To round up, I’m going to be asking you a series of 5-things. Let’s start with 5 things very few people know about Obasi Obinna

Okay. I carve my beards myself most times. I find it hard to watch movies except it’s a series. I was born and bred in Enugu state. I hate onions in my suya. I went through secondary school on a scholarship.

Interesting facts. So, is it just on your suya or you hate onions generally?

(Laughs) I just hate raw onion. It leaves this very bad evidence in your breath.

And God forbid that Obasi Obinna is caught with bad-evidence breath. That adds up.

Yeahhh… Never to be caught unfresh.

5 biggest influences in your life thus far?

In no particular order, I’d say; My brother, my friends, NIMechE-UI, Ben Carson (at some point), my parents.

Yayy, NIMechE-UI made the cut!

(Laughs) Yeah.

Lastly on 5-things, your top 5 life moments so far?

I think the first is when I got my first 1st position in school. Another one is when I was awarded a full scholarship by my secondary school. Gaining admission into UI was a top moment for me. My first scholarship in UI was a top moment for me too. Then finally, my 6 months internship was a top moment.

You know what would spice up this list?

Nahh, tell me.

The day you met that girl.

(Laughs) What girl?

That girl, the one. But it’s okay sha. You don’t have the relationship card to play for now yen yen yen.

Don’t worry, she’ll make the list very soon. (Laughs)

Fingers crossed then. Rounding up now, is there any message you’d like to pass across?

Yes, definitely. The University of Ibadan is one of the best schools you can study in Nigeria, so don’t regret coming here. Instead, make sure you maximize your stay here. Involve yourself in extracurricular activities. Everything must not begin and end with your grades. You’ll realize that what actually matters the most is not exactly the grades you ended up with but the people and the skills (both soft and hard) you picked up along the way. Join meaningful organizations. Pursue your passions and don’t just pass through UI, let UI pass through you. I’ll forever love and support NIMechE-UI.

Very inspiring, Mr President. It’s been an interesting chat. Thank you very much for your time.

You’re welcome. And, thank you for leading the press team. You guys have been simply amazing.

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    Respect!!! ‍♂️‍♂️, Boss!

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    Nice chat!

  3. Major says:

    Respect‍♂️‍♂️, Boss.

  4. Jcally says:

    We should really stop relationship shaming this young man
    Oh well, this has to go down as one of the best interviews I’ve seen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If Obinna is still single, who am I to have babe

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    An interesting read!!!!

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