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  • June 14, 2020
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Once I was seven years old
Came my uncle so bold
He told me it will just be a prick
That I should not be such a freak
He said I should just let it sink
But he lied, I was in pain
And together with the pain came a stain
He said I shouldn’t tell anyone
He said, It must be heard by no one
I felt so scared, I cried
He said he would kill me if I tried
Once I was twenty years old
I thought the case of yesteryears had grown cold
Though I learned it was called forceful sex
But I still decided to make the past my ex
When I thought I had met the love of my life
Little did I know it was the beginning of strife
I thought it was only just of view of Netflix
Little did I know it was a league of rapists
To my esteem, they brought humiliation
To my conscience, they wrought destruction…

Such is the symphony that resonates in the minds and souls of a host of many of our females of all ages. This symphony is endless and it is orchestrated by sexual violence and chief of all, rape. You might say you are protected but the bitter truth is no one is safe. This evil symphony resonates in the hearts of victims all through life, it would make more sense if this symphony were not started than to try to end it. This would require collective duty as well as individual responsibility. Our girls do not deserve this negative publicity, instead we want more stories of our Amazons impacting our societies on a daily basis. We should empower them. The victims that survive should be loved and more importantly, they should be given justice.


© Emmanuel Ogunsola

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