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  • August 31, 2021
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As the session runs with so much of vibes and interests, the NIMechE-UI press considered interacting with the uneasy head that bears the burden of the entire NIMechE-UI! Yes, once a position is assumed, desirable power comes with it, but what happens midway, and eventually, in the concluding days? You decide. Let’s cut the chase and give you the exclusive interview we had with the executive president of NIMechE UI Student Chapter, Habeeblai Salawu, popularly known as Innjoo. Here’s what he said when we asked him a few questions about the tenure.

Can we meet you?

My name is Salawu Habeeblai.

I am a 500L student of Mechanical Engineering, and the current departmental President of the students’ association, NIMechE-UI.

Nice to meet you, Sir Habeeblai.

Thank you.

How long has this tenure lasted though? And how has it been?

I’m not really sure. COVID-19 and ASUU strike happened.

But what I can tell you is, we still have second semester to go.

And we are just 5 weeks into second semester

Yeah, the uncertainty of the seasons makes it hard to quantify the timing of the tenure… So, how has it been for you so far, as the executive president of NIMechE UI?

How has the post been, and how are you maximizing it, alongside your executives?

It has been going pretty well. Although it hasn’t been easy.

It’s stressful and time demanding.

However, my executives are doing well. Most of them have been really supportive

So, how do you plan on managing the stress?

Also, what are mechites to expect in the rest of the tenure?

I have set up different committees  in charge of different events/programs. With this, I have been able to offset part of the stress involved in managing the NIMechE-UI week, conference and Dinner, especially the NIMechE-UI week. It has been a while since we had that.

We will be bringing it back in a better way.

Also, the NIMechE-UI clubs… The recruitment for the clubs just started. The clubs are going to be better because they are going to well structured

This is good to know of. As for the clubs, what motivates you to work on them again?

Also, how much of your new inclusions/objectives have you been able to achieve?

What motivated me to work on the clubs is that these clubs are were started by some of the past administration and it will not be a good legacy for us to let these clubs die. What we figured out is that the clubs don’t really function well because there is no proper structure and documentation of how the clubs should be run. That is what we want to do differently now.

Hmmm… It seems you are really inclined to legacy. How close are you to the past presidents?

I am very close to our past presidents, especially the past two presidents. I always run to them for advice from time to time

I see. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much of your new ideas for NIMechE UI have you been able to implement?

Six (6)

Oh, so that means you have just some more left, that is, less than half. How have lecturers been of help to you, if they have?

Lecturers? Not really for now. But we have plans to engage them. I talked to our staff adviser today about that.

Alright. For the sake of those who don’t know, who is this staff adviser? And how much of a role is played by the person?

That’s true. Majority of people don’t know who our staff Adviser is despite putting up his picture and name on our annual book package

Our staff adviser is Dr. Adebayo, and he has been playing a significant role majorly on fatherly advice and other forms of advice on how we can go about things.

Beautiful. Now, more people know him.

Can we know this, please – How are you balancing academics with running NIMechE-UI?

Omo. It’s hasn’t been easy.

First semester was tough. Things are now getting easier. I’m only offering two courses this semester.

Hmmm… Even at that, we are hopeful that you would be able to manage it all wisely. Finally, what can you say to the members of NIMechE UI at this time?

I will just encourage everyone to double their efforts and remain focused.

Hmmm, great! Across all levels, the key words are efforts and focus.

It was a nice time speaking with you, Mr President. Any last words or shout outs before we wrap it up?

Shout-out to our past presidents for their continuous support, also to my executives, committee heads and team members, as well as the NIMechE-UI Press and the NIMechE-UI SRC. I mean, you all are awesome. I don’t think I can do this without you guys. I love you all!

Great! Thank you very much for your time, Mr President.

It’s a pleasure.

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As the session runs with so much of vibes and interests, the NIMechE-UI press considered interacting with the uneasy head...

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