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  • June 14, 2020
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Trusting people has always been a challenge for a lot of people, one of whom was Larry. He finally put the walls up after an incident that came up lately. It may be true that the female species of human beings are the ones expected to be usually really emotional but in Larry’s case, he had reasons to be so. He had confided in Sam about his struggles and when a fight happened, Sam decided to let it all out like a chained mad dog set free.

On arriving school barely months ago, he needed to set some things in place and he had no idea how. That was when he met Sam. They became good buddies and had many things in common. When one needed something, he didn’t have to say before the other figured it out. They struggled together and celebrated together. There was not yet the ache from ladies on heels and silhouettes. They were practically exploring their first days in school. As for assignments, Larry was Sam’s best plug as he was a brainy fellow. The larger lot of money supply however belonged to Sam. Larry wasn’t poor but he got broke from time to time and Sam always came to the rescue. They felt like brothers.

All that did not change why the neatly placed carpet of the room was stained right now with blood drops like cherry drops in different proportions. The source of blood was Larry’s broken nose and injured arms when he was pushed to the edge of the cupboard by Sam earlier. A fight had happened in just five minutes and Larry lay half unconscious in the hands of the passerbys who offered to rush him to the school clinic. Sam was no longer there. He had dashed out as soon as Larry fell and was away before other students on the floor realized and came. How quiet can such a fight be, and yet that deadly? Well, the door was closed like any normal room will be, everyone passing had their assumptions for the source of the sounds and the door only opened when Sam rushed out in anger.

You may wonder the details but it wasn’t disclosed until when Larry was having a meal at the cafeteria with Stella at the middle of the following semester.
“I don’t really have friends”, Larry was saying to her. She came to him for tutoring after which they decided to eat but was already asking him of his friends and all he did for fun.
“Hmm… You know when people are good to you, some do it to expect some form of reverence and when they don’t get it, they proclaim their good deeds to you and blackmail you”, he attempted to explain. Rubbing the swell on his arm where the injury he got from the fight was still healing, he winced and tried to concentrate on the food. The red table cloth wasn’t inviting as it normally should but reminded him of the colour of his own blood that day. He wasn’t one known to fight and it all still surprised him.

“You should still have friends, you know. There will definitely be someone you can trust out there”, she said, before moving to another topic on how she was able to handle the elective courses she recently added. He didn’t follow the discussion as he kept thinking of all she had said. Will he still get another brother, or even sister in this life? He decided to just keep watching how life goes as he sipped his drink, looking at the person trying to make a discussion in front of him.

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