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  • August 31, 2020
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It’s a beautiful day, the sunshine looks bright, a tone of yellow all over where the sun lay upon, no sign of a gloomy cloud but the moon won’t rhyme with their might so it bowed. All this I saw while I sat in my car contemplating if to get down soon or savour all the moment I felt today.
“I will savour it when I get inside jare”, I said.
Got out and reached for the front door of my house. When I got there I opened my bag and ruffled through it to find my key.
“Ping, Ping”, I heard from my bag.
Who is sending me message again “, I said.
Got in, dropped my bag, picked my phone and reached for the fridge to get water while I went through my phone to see who messaged me.
It’s Benedicta’s birthday, my Facebook notified me. All of a sudden, the day wasn’t about the sun, the moon nor the gloomy cloud that had not even appeared anymore.
I reached out for Hennessy and not water, I am no alcoholic but I drink once in a while to ease off stress but this very time I reached out for the Hennessy bottle and my conscience knew it wasn’t about stress. As I tried pouring myself a drink my hands shook because memories fade, but not this. My grasp could tell it wasn’t about the joyful birthday remainder of a close friend.

So now I stare at the display picture, savouring the moment it was taken, because I was present holding a bottle of fanta, her smiles twice as wide as ever, mp3 definitely playing VIP & 2 face, My Love in the background, posters everywhere in the room as we partied for her birthday that year.
Those were good times I would never forget, we were very happy, not pressured about making it fast. Wanted to be independent as we would always say. We were smart dudes, getting high marks but we didn’t care much about the frivolities of the world, we just wanted to happy. Since when we were just neighbors in the area I have known her or should I talk about our secondary school days when our schools were different and far apart and we still kept in touch. We were literally siblings. But it’s been ten years now since I last saw her smile , since I last saw those oceanic eyes of hers. I remember when people complained that our dreams were too big, she would always tell me it’s achievable and now I achieved mine without seeing her do hers. Her memories now hurt more than her death, no black pictures or lovely quotes can ease this pain, so all I can do is cry because she is gone and left me. These pictures tell stories and what makes it worse are the throwback movies and tunes because they bring back memories.
But now I stare because I know we had a dream and I am living it without you

I closed my eyes and let the last tears drop fall then took a deep breath and drank the last pint of Hennessy in my cup, cleaned my eyes and I unfollowed her on Facebook.

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