Intern of the Week – Episode II

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  • January 3, 2020
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What is it with Mech fine boys and tobacco? That’s a question that might soon need answering. For now, the focus is on Gbenga Dada.

Gbenga was the Assistant General Secretary of NIMechE-UI in the 2016/2017 session and now he is our NIMechE-UI #InternoftheWeek. Correspondent Titilope Banji recently had a chat with him to discuss internship and 2019/2020 goals. Read on to find out everything they talked about.

Hi. Can we meet you?

I’m Gbenga Dada, a 400-level student of the great department of mechanical engineering.

Great. So, where have you been interning?

For the last two months I have been an intern at British American Tobacco. Great place to work.

That comment implies you must have been having a great time. Are you also having a great time this festive period? Happy New Year to you by the way.

I wish you the same. And yes, I have been having a great time. Majority of the people there are very friendly and they’re always ready to explain stuff. The only down side is that I have to get to work before 7am everyday but once you get used to it, it’s not so bad

Their friendliness is something to leverage on, but 7AM? That’s a whole lot of effort.

Yes it is o (laughs). On most days I’m up at 4am. Luckily my house isn’t too far from BAT

When is closing time daily?

The official closing time is by 5pm. But in a situation where there’s still work to be done, you’ll have to wait to finish up the work. There was even a day when I left work around 7pm.

Well that’s a lot of time at work every day. I guess being working class requires these sacrifices, so I’d say, well-done!

Haha, Thank you

For the sake of Mechites in lower levels, can you tell us how you secured the placement?

It’s really just first come first serve. That’s how it is. You have to make sure you apply as early as possible even if you’re not on break yet because people from different schools with different school calendars are applying as well and they usually give the placement to whoever is available. Applying early helps make sure you take up a somewhat high priority on their list

Okay…So you applied early and you were accepted just like that?

Well I was accepted initially, but we were still writing exams then so I had to forfeit the internship the first time. But later on, I was called again by the HR of the company because a slot had opened up in a different department.

You must have been really lucky to still secure something that was initially forfeited.

It’s God o (laughs)

Lol. We thank God then. So, which department had the open slot?

The Primary Manufacturing Department.

What do you do at the primary manufacturing department of BAT?

The primary manufacturing department is where the conditioning of the dried tobacco leaves takes place. I mainly work with the Engineers as well as the technicians who maintain the machines that are used to carry out the primary manufacturing processes.

Sounds cool. What can you say the mechanical engineering department of UI has given you that has been of help at the primary manufacturing department of BAT?

Well, we learned a little bit of welding and forging in 200L during our workshop practice days. The technicians who work to maintain the machines at PMD employ these processes and the little background knowledge I have has given me a kind of edge.

UI students always make a difference with the edge they have. We’re proud of you. What do you miss most about Mech?

Thank you. I miss all of my classmates, even the lecturers as well. I miss all the events that the excos organize. I also miss having proper free time.

Aww… Wait, even the lecturers?

Yes o (laughs)

Wow, okay. What’s your outlook on NiMechE UI in the next one year?

NIMechE-UI will be under new leadership next year and I can only hope for the best. The current president has set the bar really high and keeps on pushing even more. I’m sure the next president will be just as capable and I’m sure with the aid of his fellow executive council members, as well as his classmates, we can all work together to make NIMechE-UI even greater. So, to answer your question, I don’t have a clear image in my head of how things will be in the next one year but I know even better things are coming.

Let’s hope that it’s a great year! Do you have any final shout outs?

Of course! A big shout-out to mekgang. I pray we all realize our dreams in the near future and I hope that this IT will be a great one for all of us.

Amen. Thank you for your time Gbenga.

Well, that’s all for this week. Thank you for staying with us.

Let us know in the comments section who you’d like to see as #InternoftheWeek next week.

7 responses to “Intern of the Week – Episode II”

  1. Dolapo says:

    olinmah blessing

  2. Jcally says:

    I really like that he was able to highlight how he secured his internship position. It will definitely be a plus for his successors.

    I’m really proud that this idea has gained traction and is moving at this pace.
    Kudos to the NIMechE press team.

  3. Mustopha says:

    Nice! Don’t forget to add BAT production capacity to your presentation. You might just save the day like AKP and Lekan did

  4. Obinna says:

    Nice one Gbenga! BAT is a really great place to do your internship. Kudos to the press team for highlighting your experience there. We miss you by the way.

  5. Victor says:

    Impressive! Keep repping NIMechE-UI at BAT.

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