Intern of the Week – Episode III

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  • January 10, 2020
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This week, we have our first female #internoftheweek; Feranmi Joel.

Last semester, Feranmi thrived as the Licensee for TEDx UI, successfully leading a team to organize the TEDx event ‘The Butterfly Effect‘. Now, she’s getting hands-on with the grease and the grime of mechanical engines. How has she fared in what some would refer to as a men’s world? Here’s what she had to say to NIMechE-UI Press correspondent Titilope Banji.

Hello. We would like to meet you.

I’m Feranmi Joel, 400 level, Mechanical engineering.

Where have you been interning?

I’m doing my IT at Adfoldam Nigeria Enterprise. Branched in Ibadan but their mechanical Workshop is in Lekki, Lagos. So, I’m in Lagos.

Okay, great. What’s your daily routine like? And what kind of company is that, as in what they do.

Oh! You want to know my daily routine. Because of the nature of our job, we don’t really have everything. But what we do is assembly, sales, repair, services and overhauling. We don’t do the same thing every day but a work could get to the second day anyways. I’m actually talking about big generators ranging from 1000KVA to 2000KVA

Nice! That’s some core engineering. Being a female in that environment, has it been challenging so far?

Yeah, I’m the only female there. Sometimes they give the female advantage and sometimes they don’t. It’s been really rigorous and stressful. I basically stand all day, I can’t sit, very stressful. I’m either working on something or going to get something.

As for the female angle, I’ve not been enjoying any female favor. Maybe they won’t work me as hard as they would if I was a male but then they still work me really hard. It’s really challenging, really!

That’s huge! We hope you get to show them that you are not disadvantaged. How did you secure this placement in the first place?

Oh the MD is my dad’s friend. I’m actually the only IT student there. But if you apply you stand a chance.

Knowledge. Power.

What would you say you miss about school?

Hmm I miss all the free time really.  

UI Mech gives free time? I thought everyone was always busy.

Lol that’s a lie. If you’re busy it’s probably your extracurriculars choking your time, not lectures. Here, I’m at work from 8am till 10pm sometimes. So, I basically don’t have a life outside work. Good thing is I don’t have to work weekends

I also miss classes kind of.





Hmm nah I don’t (laughs).

Well, that makes you and so many other people. So, how are you handling not having any free time now?

Not having time sucks. Big time! But the guys at work make it bearable. They’re cool people so work is usually fun. Well sometimes. But I really really want this cup to pass me by. Can April just come already? (laughs)

Let the countdown begin then. But don’t regret counting down later.

Nah regrets are not my thing

Could you give us a highlight of your IT so far?

A highlight like a memorable moment or what?

Yes, a memorable moment.

Okay here’s one. I made a really silly mistake and someone got really injured. He had to go to the hospital and get his wound stitched. He stayed at home for a month to heal properly.

Wow, that’s really serious. They say the tailor learns to stitch by getting hurt by a needle so let’s just thank God the person is better and you realize your mistake.

Yea safety first!

Coming back to those in school, what would you say NIMechE-UI has as potential for the next one year?

Hmm NIMechE-UI. I’ve not exactly given that much thought. I’d try to help out when I can, I guess.

That’d be great. Let’s look forward to a great year.


Any final shout outs?

Can I say shout out to my dogs? (laughs) I’m just kidding. Shout out to twenty-one pilots and my plug to good music.

Thanks a lot for your time.

You’re welcome.

Thank you for staying with us. Next week, we will once again take you on a ride through the internship journey of one of our 400L students.

Until then, please read your books.

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