Intern of the Week – Episode IV

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  • January 17, 2020
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If Divine Iyke Ihedoro’s entire life was an entire TV Show and his 6-month Internship was summarized into one episode, that episode would be titled “Swags and Soaps“, and a bike guy would be the hero. Legit.

If you’re wondering what other intriguing features Swags and Soaps would contain, wonder no more; NIMechE-UI Press correspondent Yusuf Kareem uncovered a few.

Can we meet you?

Sure! I’m Divine Iyke Ihedoro, a 400 Level student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the great Faculty of Technology at the premier university, University of Ibadan!

Lol, you had to brag. Well, I’m sure Mech, Tech and UI are proud to have you.

They have no choice.

You are a fashion mogul, but I noticed you didn’t mention that you’re an entrepreneur.

For the purpose of this interview, I’ll rather be introduced that way. Fashion can come on along later in the interview.

Okay, we are here now because you’ve been chosen as our intern of the week, where do you intern?

Ok. I’m presently having my 6-month internship program at HENKEL-EGIL(EXPAND GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED)

Thank you for giving us the full meaning of ‘EGIL’. What do you guys do at Henkel-EGIL?

So, Henkel is a conglomerate of various industries, of which EGIL is a branch. At Henkel-EGIL, we produce laundry & home care products like washing powders, disinfectant powders, washing bars etc. Some of our products include WAW, NITTOL, BANJO.

Wow! I imagine a company like that must have a huge plant.

Huge is such an understatement! (Smiles)

Which department were you posted to?

I’m presently posted at the Engineering department.

Let me guess, you maintain all of the factory machines, right?

Yes, and the entirety of the plant’s function! This includes plumbing, electricity, amongst so many others functions.

Cool! How are the working hours?

Working hours are quite fair and considerate; 8am-4pm. But overtime period also exists and it comes with a good financial compensation. (Money smile)

Our intern for last week did a lot of standing at her workplace, is that the case for you?

Standing could never be too much for me as long as I’m gaining knowledge.

As an entrepreneur, how do you manage your business with work? Have you ever thought of running away?

In all honesty it hasn’t been any easy for me, but I’ve discovered to strike a balance with every opportunity I get. For instance, I’m insomniac and this means that I get to reply important texts, emails and any other business calls in the early hours of the morning.

But running away has never been an option, I’ve loved and enjoyed every bit of my stay at the plant as I’m such a big lover of vast knowledge!

Remember to turn all of their staff into your customers.

I’ll try my very best.

focus = efficient machine = good soap = clean clothes = mo’ money

How did you get this placement? The 300 level students are asking.

(Laughs) All I can say is this, I serve a living God!

It sounds like you gave testimony after getting this placement.

Oh yes, I did!

But you still haven’t told us how you got it.

(Laughs) The bike rider I took on a faithful morning was my saving grace and plug.

So, on this fateful day, I mounted this bike in anger to go submit my letter at TAT ENGINEERING where I was posted by ITCC in school and I grumbled out in so much disdain that the rider reached out to me to ask what could be wrong with me. I just waved him off, ignoring the question but it continued for a while until I eventually spoke out about having difficulties in securing suitable placement for my internship. He then laughed and told me about this plant where he once worked as a casual worker.

So, he reached out to a former colleague of his, even though it was not easy, and the rest is history. God has brought us thus far!


Yes, wow! I serve a living God!

From our discussion so far, it almost sounds as if you haven’t had any bad day at work. Have you had any?

I wouldn’t exactly call it a bad day, but the head of my department denied my leave on my elder sister’s induction ceremony day. I missed party jollof!

Damn! That must have been painful.

Oh yes it was!

It has been a good chat. Before we round it up, do you have any shout-outs?

A big s/o the executive council of NiMechE, the press of NiMechE, and the great students of the Faculty of Technology! A great session I look forward to in my final year as Social Director elect.

No special shout out the Mech 400 level gang?

We’re all students of the great Faculty of Technology! (Smiles)

I’ll definitely report you.

My sincerest apologies.

We specially hope that you get a good sleep tonight.

I’ll try my very best.

Alright then. Thank you for having us.

Thanks for the love! I look forward to having this some other time.

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  1. Titi says:

    Nice one!

  2. Ibk says:

    Nice one. This company around 7up road, Oluyole Estate in Ibadan? @Divine

  3. Victor says:

    Impressive! Well done Divine.

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