Intern of the Week – Episode IX

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  • March 8, 2020
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Some people do not need too much introduction. The general consensus is that you should already know them, or at the very least know of them. Fadugbagbe Boluwatife is one of those people.

Without further ado, we’ll let you get into the details of her conversation with press correspondent, Yusuf Kareem.

Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Boluwatife, a blogger and content writer. And err… apart from going to parties and having fun generally, sleeping is one of my absolute best things to do.

I’ll help add “Fadugbagbe” for the sake of our readers. So, you’re Fadugbagbe Boluwatife. Kindly tell us where you intern?

Lol, thanks. I’m currently an intern at DeKoolar Nigeria Limited.

DeKoolar sounds like some Merlin spell. I guess you guys create magic there.

Naah. (Laughs) We literally just cool stuff. We deal with blast freezers, cold rooms, ACs and all of that basically.

Oh. Dr Olugasa had an influence on you choosing a path in R & A right?

Let’s just say God has his plan, you know. Cause I wasn’t initially planning on doing it here, but I didn’t want to wait till January to start at where I wanted. So, I guess I’m thankful that thermo is my thing, right?

Where would that have been?

Friesland Campina.

Alright. But looks like getting DeKoolar was easy. Connection?

Yeah, I actually resumed the day after I applied.

So how has it been coming along?

It’s been good, I get to use a whole lot of AutoCAD and Fusion360, see how the entire refrigeration system works, you know (The ‘real’ blending theory with practice) Most importantly, I don’t face a lot of Lagos traffic, Hallelujah somebody!!

I know you must have had some exciting experiences. Please share one of them.

Okay, so this day, I woke up late (I actually always wake up late), and typically it takes me like 40 minutes to get to work, with the usual traffic and all. Then, I get to the bus stop and there are like 100 people there, no kidding (Laughs). At that moment, I knew I was finished.

And you know Lagos hustle now, so after a long while of standing and hustling, I finally get a bike (R.I.P) to the nearest bus-stop hoping I would find keke/bus or anything. Got to the bus-stop, realized the bike man didn’t have change, so I spent like 10-15 minutes again trying to get change. You’d think that would be the end of my struggles abi?

Nooo. Lagos had something different planned for me.

So, there were fewer people here, so I’m like ‘I’ll get something soon”. Soon became 5, then 10, then 15 minutes, like play, like play. I had already called my one of my supervisors earlier to inform him about the situation sha. Basically ehnn, I got to work past 9 that day, I was just weak.

That is one hell of an adventure. What excites you most about going to work every day? I’m sure it’s not the long number of hours being under someone’s supervision.

Definitely now. Errr, learning new stuff and getting to watch my favourite shows.

of everything kool….

Wow, at work? That’s cool. So, what and what have you learnt? Like something apart from AutoCAD and Fusion360.

That would be how to design a cold-room from scratch, assembling the different components, pipe welding, cutting etc. (this is still in the works though), site inspection, and other things

That’s a whole lot. Well-done. I’m curious as to what you have missed about school, what could that be?

Thanks. Well, most importantly, I miss my friends a whole lot! I miss having so much free time! I miss going to tech and seeing so many people! I miss my Mech family

Aw. We miss you too. So Bolu, what do you think about NiMechE-UI in the next one year?

Well, NiMechE-UI is indeed a blessed department, we have a whole bunch of intellectual, friendly, and non-dulling people! I sincerely hope the new executives and the incoming final year set tap into the goodness we share as a united family, and make things interesting for everyone! Next year, NiMechE-UI is going to be ahhhh-mazingggg

Any shout outs? But not mech 499.99, please. They’ve had enough.

Shout out to my girls, Kelechi and Mercedes. Shout out to 200L guys, these guys are way too cool, it hurts!  300L guys, y’all are amazing! 500L guys that keep gassing me up, you guys have a special place in my heart. And finally, my classmates, special bunch of people, shout out to you guys!

Alright. It was great having you. DeKoolar!

Thanks Yusuf!

3 responses to “Intern of the Week – Episode IX”

  1. Titi says:

    Cool kid!

  2. Boluwatife says:

    That’s me guyssss

  3. Obinna says:

    Queen B!

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