Intern of the Week – Episode VII

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  • February 23, 2020
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Salawu Habeeblai, popularly known as Innjoo, is a 400-level student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. You might know him as President-elect of NIMechE-UI, or as branding Head for Hult Prize UI, or as a foremost graphic designer within UI, or as all of the above. Whatever it is that you know him as, he is our intern for this week. 

You know those popular see-through refrigerators that you’re sure to find in every Cafeteria in UI; those ones that are responsible for most of your chilled soda? Well, Habeeblai is an intern at a company that produces them, and press correspondent Banji Titilope sat down with him to discuss what it’s been like.  

Hello. Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m Salawu Habeeblai, 400L Mechanical Engineering Student currently doing my internship at Frigoglass Nigeria Industries limited.

Thank you. So, what do you do at Frigoglass?

We do production and refurbishment of refrigerators. But currently, we’ve stopped production. We only do refurbishment, and majorly for NBC Coca-Cola.

What is refurbishment all about?

It’s all about repairing and renovating refrigerators.

Do you think the fact that the company’s stopped production has helped your interests as an intern?

Yes. One of the workers actually explained that production was only about assembly of new parts. That’s all. But in refurbishment, we try to detect fault in spare parts, change or repair those that are not working. With this, there is the potential to gain more knowledge.

Nice. So, what are your interests?

I didn’t actually have much interest in R&A. But I’m developing some now with the experience so far at Frigoglass.

I hope it was not frustrating at the beginning. How was it for you when you initially settled down?

It was frustrating at first but later on I found my way around it. I just did my best to blend in.

How did you get the placement?

You’re still asking. It’s connection. My Dad worked in the company a long time ago as a maintenance engineer.

Lol… Okay. We just needed to be sure, cos it’s not always connection. Does anyone at your workplace know you are the president of NiMechE UI?

Yeah. Some of them.

Mech to the world! But, how?

They’re all friendly. We talked about lots of stuff relating to school, but they got to know I’m President through a staff who’s almost my mate. Me and him talk about almost everything so I told him. He mentioned it and others knew about it too.

Ohh cool. Can you tell us more about what you do at Frigoglass?

I work at the production department under the cooling unit. Here, we deal with everything relating to cooling; stuff that actually brings about the cooling in a refrigerator like the compressor, accumulator, filter drier, evaporators and others.


What are your top 3 moments?

Bad and good moments?


First one was the end of the year party at work. Second was the first day I successfully charged a compressor. The third was the day my supervisor abused me in front of everyone for coming late to work without prior knowledge.

Wow. That must have been very embarrassing.

It was. I felt so ashamed. Since that day, if I’m going to be even 1-minute late I always put a call through.

Lol. Lesson learnt. What have you missed most about regular school time?

I don’t miss much. I’m always around in UI. Only difference is that I don’t go to class and prepare for tests or exams. But I miss not having total control over my time. I can stab class but not work and it sucks.

What do you plan to do when you return to UI?

Continue school life. But it will be different this time. Because it’s final year plus I’m the president of our student association.

Hmm, the responsibility. It will definitely be different. Anything to say to the department stakeholders? Anything we should anticipate?

Can’t wait to see everyone again actually, especially my classmates. Let’s anticipate a better NIMechE-UI.

Alright then, resumption draws near. Any final shout outs?

Shout out to Mech Gang. I wish everyone doing exams success. I love y’all

Thanks a lot for your time, Habeeb.

2 responses to “Intern of the Week – Episode VII”

  1. Obinna says:

    Nice one Mr. President. Can’t wait to have a better NIMechE.

  2. Otunba says:

    Wow. How have I never heard of Frigoglass before now!! Interesting interview BTW!

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