Intern of the Week – Episode VIII

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  • March 7, 2020
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Adekanbi Micheal is a 400 level honours student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is also an intern at John Holt PLC; press correspondent Yusuf Kareem recently sat down with him to discuss how he has found his IT journey thus far.

Can our readers meet you?

I’m Adekanbi Michael, a 400 Level Mechanical Engineering student. I currently intern with John Holt PLC.

Kindly tell us about John Holt?

It’s a conglomerate. They’re into Diesel Generator Assembly, boat construction, air-conditioning, fire services etc. An English man from Liverpool named John Holt travelled to Nigeria with 27 Pounds in 1862 to start a trading business. The business actually grew to the John Holt PLC we have now.

Quite inspiring. So, to what section of the company are you posted?

The Diesel Generator Assembly section

Before we dive fully into what you do at John Holt as an intern, we are actually interested in how you got the placement into the conglomerate.

Wow… I actually sent messages to some random persons on LinkedIn and I was fortunate to get a reply from the Marketing Head of the company. Lo and behold, he became my connect and hooked me with the Human Resource Manager and that’s how I was admitted into the company.

So, the connection button on LinkedIn is no joke. I hope the connection is still strong and intact?

I’ve not actually met him at all, he works at the headquarters in Victoria Island but the relationship is still intact and safe online.

Please, keep it strong!

I’ll definitely do that

Okay, please tell us about the generator assembly and the assembly line.

Yeah… They import diesel generators in parts from Italy and China. We basically assemble the parts together and sell them off. It’s actually divided into sections. The mechanical section practically assembles the engine base and its components, couples the engine (Perkins Engine) with the alternator and mounts it on the engine base. After this, we do some other secondary stuff like the connection of different pipes and valves. The canopy assembly section assembles the canopy of the generator set which is the housing of the generator, while the last section builds the control panel and then get it fixed to the already assembled generator and then connect some other components like starter relay, oil switch and others. At the last phase, the generator is tested by the testing engineer to check if it’s fit for use.

That’s a lot. Do you work in all the sections?

I’ve practically toured everywhere except the testing section.

Wow. That’s cool. Have you encountered any challenge so far, and how did you overcome it?

I actually don’t really have any challenge at my place of IT, but living in Lagos has been a big challenge

Every fresh and stale Lagosian has this testimony so we can relate. But are you saying that since you resumed, over 3 months now, you haven’t found anything challenging?

It’s not really so. Although I found it very stressful at first, I actually adapted within weeks and I’m now used to it.

That’s great. Engineers are good at adapting to different situations. Can you share your remarkable moments with us, whether good or bad?

The good moments are the party times at John Holt where both the bosses and the junior staff come together to ease themselves of the accumulated stress. As for the bad moments, I would say one was when I made a mistake and allowed a bolt to fall inside the alternator and we had to open the whole thing up and remove the stuff.

You had to disassemble the already assembled alternator?

Yes o….

Hope your bosses did not crucify you?

No, they understood that I was still a novice. Making a mistake is inevitable for someone that’s learning

Cool. You seem to be really enjoying the experience; do you not miss school at all?

I miss school ooo…. especially the very serious atmosphere in the department. I also miss my colleagues too.

Wow. You miss the serious atmosphere. (Laughs) I’m sure your colleagues miss you too. Any final shout-outs?

Shout out to Mech. Gang 499.99 Level!

Thanks a lot for your time.

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