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  • May 7, 2020
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‘Ogechukwukanma, bili e’, I heard my father called from outside my room. I wanted to stand up like he had just instructed me to do, but I couldn’t. My heart felt heavy and my legs stiff.

‘I want to listen to news. Put the station for me’, my dad instructed and I grudgingly obeyed. Like Jon Bellion said, “I always felt hopeless whenever I watched the news”.

The current pandemic in the world was out for blood. The total cases recorded was around 2.7 million globally. Though the number of recoveries were more than the number of deaths, I still felt that too many lives had been lost already.

“If the infamous Corona virus didn’t end us all, then, hunger as a result of the lockdown would”, people said.

Despite the virus the world was currently battling, explosions, suicide attacks resulting in the death of others, fire outbreaks and all sort of terrible incidents still had the conscience to happen. All these made me go to bed every night wondering if there was an end to everything happening now or everything was finally coming to an end.

I opened my eyes and it was as though they were still closed. I began to weep. Not once, had my situation or the different challenges life had thrown my way made me feel this way. Scared, empty and lonely. But now, the darkness I saw both sleeping and awake was suddenly everywhere, choking me.

Darkness Everywhere Copyright © 2017 Patrick M. Kelly

I know I shouldn’t feel this way, I know I should be strong. But recently, every morning, I woke up with tears; scared to see that I couldn’t see, and lonely because no one felt what I felt. Scared that the end was near, scared that more lives would be lost either due to the virus, the fear of the virus or something other than the virus.

My mother’s words suddenly came to me that whenever the darkness around me felt like it would choke life out of me, I should always pray to God to send His divine light. Immediately, I got on my knees. I told God that when I heard that there was nothing more to do about my sight, I cried but I never lost hope. When I woke up one day and all I saw was darkness, I cried but my faith was intact.

When my mother’s asthma almost claimed her life because she was rejected by hospitals due to their fear and insuuficient measures of combatting the virus, I still stood firm. Because like my name meant, God’s time is best. Because of that name, I stood strong, waiting for His time to come and overshadow any darkness I faced. Because there was always light at the end of the dark tunnel.

A sudden surge of hope and strength went through me and I continued, ‘So, GOD, come to our aid as always, save us all from any terrible incident, from Corona virus, from the darkness enveloping the world, intervene and LET THERE BE LIGHT!!’.

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