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  • May 6, 2020
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Terrified by bellows of “UP NEPA!” by Indy boys, I screamed. “Is he dead? What will I tell his dad? Maybe I should just run before anybody gets here”, all these and more crossed my mind in an instant.

You see, light is the poster boy for good things. From illumination, to its significance across religions, to light bulbs representing good ideas and even electricity (you can’t convince the Nigerian in me not to call electricity/power light, so don’t even try), you quickly see that light is the hero.

It’s my hero that’s always there for me when it comes to killing the monsters in the dark (yes, I still sleep with the lights on). With all these, you’d imagine it’s ironic for light to join the dark side. The light in the University of Ibadan was definitely going to try though.

The year is 2016. I’m in my first year and just getting used to this university thing. It was difficult but interesting as I had always wanted to leave home. Hostel life was interesting and staying in the popular Independence Hall, also known as Indy made it even better besides the fact that those on “the island” (Kuti hall and environs) get light before us in Indy/Zik area.

On this fateful day, my wall socket got burnt while I was preparing for my test that morning. How? I don’t know. I ignored it as I was really tense. Came back from my test tired and as I was about dragging myself to my room, I remembered I had a situation. I got a new socket to replace it myself because my friend told me the authorities would take a while before they get it fixed (and as per engineering student na😅). There was no light, so I wanted to quickly get it done to avoid the risk of electric shock. I borrowed a screwdriver on my way to the room and forgot to get pliers too. I got to the room and my closest friend (Ridwan you see, I told you I won’t mention your name) who was also an engineering student was willing to help.

He got to it immediately. Since there were no pliers, he was left wondering how he’ll peel the wires to insert them. He immediately decided to use a knife…

Haha, just kidding. Obviously that’s risky and we could never think of that as engineering students, instead he used his teeth. Yes, no jokes this time. I told him it was a dumb idea but he insisted that once we saw light in Kuti he’ll stop. He started biting into the wires and for the only time ever since I resumed university till this day, “powers that be” decided to give Indy light first. Mr. Light was truly playing the bad guy today. I thought I had lost a friend till I looked at him sitting on my bed with a stupid smile (it wasn’t even funny).

Apparently, there was a small jolt before the lights fully came on and he jumped off. Thank the stars.

In my best Donald Trump accent,  “True story, true story I tell you”.


  1. Darrhnearl says:

    I love how you kept his name out of the story, thats top notch professionalism.. Hope ridwan and light (electricity) have been able to resolve their differences???

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