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  • May 12, 2020
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The recurrent dreams I had for nine straight days got me panicking. The panic was short lived because the call I placed to my mother replaced it with laughter at her mimics. “Mummy how can I get in touch with Woli?, I have been having really scary dreams recently”, I had started to say. Before I will even continue, Mama Tito started her long train of lines.

“This girl! Oo ni pami o (you won’t kill me). Were you not the one that was saying I’m paranoid or was it pessimistic you said. Now you have entered fire, you are looking for Woli. It was looking like my troubles were too much. If you don’t have anything to say, leave my phone o. I sent you money yesterday for whatever textbook you asked for, you didn’t even tell me when you got the money. I am cooking, call later, don’t burn my food for me”, she said and ended the call that I initiated.

I laughed to myself as I imagined Mum’s gesticulations. Surely, she couldn’t be saying all that without her hands and feet moving to the rhythm of her words. The bad dreams ended that day, but Mummy still texted Woli’s number to me the following morning. I don’t blame her, she’s always striving to win the award of best single mother. She deserves one. I was still in thoughts when Fola walked in. Fola is just my crazy friend.

“Jane was in class and she said she wanted to see you before now. I’m currently very tired, hope you cooked because I am hungry”, she started. I remained silent as I kept doing random things on my phone. A second, two seconds, three and then four.
“Tito, am I not talking to you?”

I didn’t even have the mental energy to think of anything. “There’s rice in the pot and I just made chicken stew, serve yourself”, I said to Fola.
“Babe, what’s wrong?”
“What?”, I shrugged.
“Tito, you know why I’m asking. You said you were not feeling too well this morning and you wouldn’t be coming to class, yet you made chicken soup and cleaned everywhere. You don’t act like that except something is fishy.”
“I said I’m okay madam, you too dey worry.”
“Okay o, Tito, ever able person”, she hailed with a mocking salute.

I smiled but in no time, my smile faded even as she busied with putting her food. I thought of Greg. He was the cause for this. He promised to explain why he was with Jane that way at the school gate when I passed nights before, just days before my bad dreams started. That promise was the last I heard from him. All my texts were ignored and calls declined. This his method of moving on was just lazy and unfair. I needed to clear my head that my life wasn’t dependent on his friendship, before Fola would notice. I should pour my energy into something else, enough of finding reasons. I just needed the spark that will push me. I wasn’t jobless, in fact, I had a long list of things to do. My mood needed some lighting up and it would not be so if I don’t face other things.

I was hurt but there was no physical bruise. I only lost a friend to Jane. Rising and standing on my feet, I said to myself, “let there be light”, like a magician casting a spell.
“What are you doing?”, Fola looked in my direction and giggled. She was previously busy with her food and books.
“Well, leave me to my magic o, we’ll gist later”, I was in better shape as I took her notes and copied. Light had come indeed and I was going to embrace it.

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