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  • June 14, 2020
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I lay on my bed in the dark wondering where I made a mistake, wondering how my life became such a useless pot of beans, and I thought to myself “Never again, it’s a promise”. I tried to recollect the actions and decisions I took that led me to this exact point in my life.

Was it the need to do something rash, spontaneous, out of my comfort zone, perhaps? My boyfriend, Ken says I always play it too safe. And he tries to convince me all the time that it’s quite exciting to live dangerously, you know, living life on the edge. Despite the fact that playing safe was the right thing to do all the time (especially when we were together), I couldn’t help but think I was living a boring life.

You know that moment when everyone’s sharing exciting stories of how they have lived dangerously, and you’re just there like, “Yeah, I wrote on my secondary school desk once”. The absence of thrill and energy in your story, rather sentence, is almost disgusting.

I guess these things and more made me take certain decisions, made me take certain risks I wouldn’t have on a regular day. Decisions that would lead to long, long hours of stomach pain the constant visits to the toilet. I wish I had stayed in my comfort zone, and not had the courage and effontry to eat spaghetti and okro with a slice of bread.
As I raced to the toilet for the upteenth time, I whispered “Never again, it’s a promise”.


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