NIMechE-UI Elections: “Presidents-to-be” at the Press Night

Written by NiMechE Press

  • June 16, 2021
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Could it just be us?

The two presidential aspirants of the NiMechE University of Ibadan had bold fisticuffs of words at the Press Night held yesterday at the Department’s Design Studio. Great plans are on the verge of being unleashed from both aspirants but there is apparently more. The interview which lasted for about an hour was a hot stand for the two candidates as members of the press charged them with intriguing questions about their plans. However, the candidates started to muddle words as the questions gradually seemed challenging and failed to answer some coherently.

Daniel Akobundu, a presidential aspirant whose plans involve creating some other clubs and jettisoning the revitalisation of the existing ones had proposed a “Pen Club” (one of others) whose activities may consequently rival that of NIMechE UI press. The Editor-in-Chief had inquired if he was familiar with the role of the press. She also inquired if there will be a need for a new writing body and asked if he had read any of the press articles before. He replied with a relegating body gesture “Yeah.. I’ve read some. Uhmm… I think you guys are doing well”. The gesture did not only undermine the members of the press but also showed his nonchalant attitude to the articles that have been released by the only official writing body of the department he wants to preside.

On the other hand, Morenikeji Erioluwa, the second aspirant had earlier questioned the need for the press night. He later apologised for being confrontational, blaming it on days of sleepless nights. He however slammed his co-aspirant before the press members. The two contestants were asked to explain why they decided to choose their campaign theme. Daniel, who had chosen UNITY as his campaign theme claimed he chose it because he noticed some students “feel left behind” and he wants to change that. However, when it was Erioluwa’s turn to give his reasons for choosing “EVOLUTION”, Erioluwa started with discriminating his co-contestant theme. “If I will be completely frank with you, I’m not a fan of seeing posters around where you see LEGACY21, CHANGE 22, UNITY…” he said. It will be recalled that UNITY’22 is the campaign tag his co-contestant, Akobundu Daniel flags around. Although he consequently followed his slam with apologies, it already had a great hit on his mate as his facial expression changed sharply.

The two contestants are 400 level students of Mechanical Engineering department and have been taking decisive steps to wear the presidential crown. The presidential seat is such a tasking one that requires a high sense of leadership from whoever aspires to claim the seat. Can we say the above are good good effigies of a president-to-be? Could it just be us?

Abdulrasheed Ibraheem Akande
June, 2021

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