NIMechE UI Upcoming Elections: What you need to know

Written by NiMechE Press

  • May 31, 2021
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The deadline for purchase for forms for the NIMechE UI election ends today. Before it is all over, what do you need to know? Earlier in the semester when the ban was lifted, the Political Editor (Yusuf Kareem) and the Editor in Chief (Titilope Banji) of the NIMechE UI Press met with the electoral chairman and asked him a few questions. Here’s what was said:

Good afternoon and welcome. Please can we meet you?
I am Odumuyiwa Abolade and I am presently in 500 level.
I currently serve as NiMechE Electoral Committee Chairman.

Nice to meet you sir. I am Titilope Banji, the Editor-in-Chief of the NIMechE UI Press and with me is the Political Editor of the press, Yusuf Kareem.
Yusuf Kareem: Thank you, Titi. Nice meeting you Mr Abolade.

Thank you, sir.

Please, can you enlighten us about the Electoral committee and the recent activities you would like the members of NIMechE to know about?

Okay. The Electoral Committee is one of the organs of the NIMechE UI body, which is in charge of all electoral activities of the body.
These activities include Announcement of vacant posts, sales of forms, screening of candidates, manifesto, election and swearing in of elected officials.
The committee usually consists of 8 members which include two representatives from each level excluding 100 level.

The Election is usually electronic with other activities being physical but with the present COVID19 situation, Election this session will be strictly virtual.
Plans are underway already for this and electoral activities will commence before the end of this week (starting with announcement of the lift of ban).

Alright! Thanks for the information. We learnt the ban has been lifted, is that so?
The ban was lifted after a meeting with the SRC

You said all electioneering activities will be virtual this year, what are the measures the committee has put in place to ensure NiMechE gets a free, fair and credible election?
The election has been electronic for about 3 sessions now, this was necessary so as to forestall any irregularities in election results, this year will not be any different.
We as the electoral committee will carry the entire NiMechE body along with all our activities, which include making screening notice, screening results, manifesto notice, election information and results public.
We will also ensure to double check results to avoid any discrepancies.
The screening and manifesto will take place on Zoom which will be recorded and made available for members of the student body who are unable to join.

Thank you. Is there any review to the candidates’ qualification criteria? If yes, what are the changes?
There is no review in the qualifications criteria.

Okay. So, what does a NIMechE UI student need to do to be able to vote or being a member of NIMechE is enough?

Being a member of NiMechE is enough for voting.

Does that mean only the document that validates the studentship of any member will be allowed? No dues receipt will be requested?
As long as you’re on the registered list of students on the department, you are eligible to vote.

Thanks a lot for your time, Mr Abolade. It was really a pleasure.
You’re welcome.

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