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  • November 21, 2019
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Books for the NiMechE-UI 2018/2019 session are ready and available for distribution!

The books have been split up and allocated to representatives selected from each level. These people will be in charge of distribution for their respective classes.

To find out the representative for your level, scroll to the end of this post.

To pick up your book, simply walk up to the person in charge of distribution for your level and say “I want my book. Give me my book”. If you would like more drama, you should take your NiMechE dues receipt, slap it on the person’s chest and say “There’s your proof. Now give me my book!” If you’re in 500 Level, you probably shouldn’t try any of this with Bola Pius.

Representatives in Charge of Book Distribution

100 Level: Stephen – 08076206126

200 Level: Sina – 08091499786

300 Level: Isaac – 08187863845

400 Level: Prince-Paul – 07035653726

500 Level: Bola Pius – 08166230524

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