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  • June 14, 2020
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We live in a world where a good majority of the population do not know the true definition of reality. How can they, when reality is confused with perspective, and can also be an illusion?

A lot of parameters should be taken into account when trying to define the reality we live in as these will enable the correct differentiation between reality and perspective.
Most persons offer their point of view, otherwise known as perspective and because of their strong believe and high regard of this perspective term it reality: Considering human nature to seek confirmation bias, these perspectives are given validity over and over and because of their constant prove of validity, the perspective is termed as reality. Of course, one cannot rule out the fact that in some cases, a person’s perspective and overlap with the actual reality. But in most cases, an individual’s perspective is not always the reality.

Religion is a major example of this, there are several religions, ranging from Christianity to Islam to atheism and the likes. In religion, these several sectors provides several perspective as to the creation of the world, some persons take this perspective as reality.

In truth, reality begets perspective, and perspective enhances reality!


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