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  • August 31, 2020
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I seriously doubt I would forget this lockdown experience in a hurry. As in, I never imagined that something of this nature could bounce me out of school for over 5 months now; all thanks to our dear brother— CORONA, he made it possible. Anyways, a lot of my friends have discovered some hidden abilities that have been craving to be popped out. Virtually everyone is now engaged in one only business or the other; but my case seems to be different. “I still dey reason my talent“. Even the online courses I’ve been taking, I got tired at some point. I seriously need help.
Saturday mornings as usual, are the official cleaning days. So I decided to start with my mum’s room this time around. Just as I started, I stumbled on this piece. It really was catchy.

“Get off my sight, you black monkey”.

This was just one of the degrading sentences Kelvin Jones often takes home from one of his tutors in school. Kelvin was just a 15 year old black American child who had to go through this for being black. Each time I had a chat with him, it was almost impossible for him not to talk about this ill-treatment.

Really, racism has left a deep cut which I doubt can be healed again. This often leaves me thinking, how did racism even start? It definitely must have a root. Looking at it critically , the age long problem definitely started from having different races, these races gave room for seggregation. Racism was implanted in the human nature the moment different races began to exist. In the words of Toni Morrison ” There is no such thing as race; none. There is just a human race— scientifically and anthropologically. Even science recognises only one race—the human race. Going medically, it has never been discovered that some internal organ in a white man functions differently from that of a black. Same red blood flowing through the veins, same number of kidneys, same heart position . So I don’t seem to get why some set of people should be seen by others as a lower class. It still doesn’t make sense.
The irony of it all is that often times, the black are at the receiving end

“At the heart of racism is the religious assertion that God made a creative mistake when He brought some people into being” — Friedrich Otto Hertz.

Massive Creativity was displayed when He created man in more than a skin colour. The goal was to blend and complement each other; because the beauty of colours project more when they blend together. How I wish I could change the mind of racists; for them to see things in this perspective. But what can I do? The best thing people just do is to stage protests and social media trends with various hashtags which are soon forgotten after a while. At this point, I feel I should drop my pen to sleep, because I really don’t know what suggestion I can give again; perhaps, this will continue to exist and we’ll have no choice than to live with it till the end of time.

“How many years will it take you to clean my room you this boy?”. Wow, that was my mum’s voice, I had stood in her room for over 15 minutes without doing anything.

© Chiawa Emmanuel,
August, 2020.

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