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Semester Review

Written by NiMechE Press

  • November 19, 2019
  • 17

A couple of things have happened since the last time you heard from the NiMechE-UI Press, but all of that is gist for another day. Today’s gist is about NiMechE-UI’s first semester.

Disclaimer: This is not an official review. Nobody has time for that. 🙍


Students said goodbye to the long break and their peace of mind, packed their bags and began to……Yeah nobody cares about this. Moving on.
Rating: 0/10

Freshers Welcome

For those who didn’t know, this event is organized every year to welcome the new blood into the department.

On a side-note, I believe it’s time for us to move on from the term “Freshers Welcome”. It sounds like the kind of thing some very dead guys came up with.

Gathering where the term ‘freshers welcome’ was coined.

Neanderthal 1: Bright morning fellas, what you think to call event simply to welcome freshers?
Neanderthal 2: Wait on. Okay, how of ‘Freshers Welcome’?
Neanderthal 3: (In awe) Wise. You genius!

Away from all that though, this year’s freshers welcome was actually a huge hit. The freshers were welcomed, Design Studio sold out, we had guest appearances from Mech ex-students who are now blown and in position to give us advice, and most importantly, we watched a robot-themed GoT spin-off. It was cool.
Rating: 8/10

Movie Night

Though slightly overshadowed by all the buzz that surrounded the freshers welcome, the movie night still turned out to be a decent event. Quite impressive, when you consider the fact that Design Studio does a terrible cinema impression. It’s almost as if the place was designed to be as anti-ergonomic as possible.

PS: Please note that renovations have now been done, and moving forward, no DS slander will be permitted.
Rating: 5/10.


That rating was for design studio. **
Movie Night Rating: 6/10.

Freshers V Stallites

It’s the annual departmental football match between the 100L football team and the 200+300+400+500L team and it aims to either scout for potential amongst the newcomers, or to shatter their match confidence. Maybe a bit of both. This match should naturally end in an unflattering rout but this year’s version served up a nice twist, with both teams playing out a stalemate. Who doesn’t love underdog twists?
Rating: 7/10


In summary; Awo Stadium, 200L dazzled, 400L disappointed, 500L beheld history in the face, then faltered. This year’s event pretty much saw all of the competition’s cool features happen on a bigger scale: The Larger Stadium Inclination.

©HOD Cup 2019
©HOD Cup 2019

The 200L team took home the cup following a 4-2 shoot-out win over 500L. This was after both teams had played out a goalless draw in regular time.
Rating: 10/10


The NiMechE-UI 2019/2020 election was held on September 12, 2019. The elections most noteworthy highlight arguably came when the presidential race morphed from a two-horse race to a snooze-fest. There’s not a lot of things worse than a one-choice menu.

Take nothing away from the election process though, it was superbly well-organized. Credit to the Electoral Committee Chairman, Omokayode John and his team.
Rating: 10/10


Mtchew. Let bygones be bygones.
Rating: NA

Mektober Fest

The big one. Great music, good food, nice games, fine chicks, palm-wine, SJ danced, this event had it all. The Fest basically closed out the semester, but it wasn’t all smooth riding with the most notable hitch being Mr. Chicken’s blatant refusal to reach everybody. 😥

©MektoberFest 2019

All things considered, the association’s first ever picnic was hugely entertaining. So entertaining, in fact, that many have wondered whether Teni the Entertainer was actually in attendance.
Rating: 10/10.
That was for my ‘entertainer’ line. You don’t have to hate. 😂
Mektober Fest Rating: 9/10

** – That rating was for Design Studio 1.0. Tell us your ratings for the renovated DS in the comments section below.👍

17 responses to “Semester Review”

  1. Obinna says:

    Nice to have our press back❤️

  2. Otunba says:

    Nice one.
    My rating for this new DS is the still 5.0 sha. Until they fix AC

  3. John says:

    Design studio 2.0
    Rating: 4/4*
    *since we now use a 4 point system

  4. Jojolita says:

    The Exams part cracked me up

  5. Bolu says:

    Design studio has to be low.. Not really feeling the aluminum finish

    • Samietex says:

      Yeah…..the aluminium stuff is not strong enough…..I really appreciate Obinna’s work on DESIGN STUDIO tho…..more strength and wisdom boss

    • Aletor says:

      Lol is it me getting sarcastic vibes from this or you’re just being blatantly honest with that statement? Anyhow, made me laugh hard so thank you Bolu. Going by the pictures though it pays to be a little optimistic since things can actually improve after-all. Nice work guys.

  6. Toye says:

    Always enjoy Nimecheui press posts and I’m not even in Mech

  7. Aletor says:

    Really nice work guys! An appropriate theme for the year should be “Doing the Impossible” because the narrative is now so clearly defined! Excellence. You’re all great. Great content on here. More please! There is clearly love here. Well done!

  8. Tunmise says:

    I love and love niMechE posts and I’m.not in mech, but it always makes me laugh. Good job though

  9. Boluwatife says:

    This was really amazing to read! I miss Mech more noww

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