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  • January 14, 2020
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You are big enough now’, my mentor said.

I inched closer to the mirror to have a good view. And I really did look it; I was still a bit scrawny compared to him, but I was bigger. I felt elated, it meant I could go on adventures now. A gentle breeze blew and a delicious smell wafted into my nose. I looked at my companion, and we shared an evil squeak.

‘Come on, I’ll teach you the ropes. From now on call me Professor. And you are Junior’, he said, and I felt proud of my name.

I was Junior to Professor, very soon I would grow up to be a big mouse like him and have my own Junior. He taught me a few tricks and I was excited to try them out.  We moved quietly as we made our way to the destination: the room where the delicious smell had come from.

We were just a few paws away from the wardrobe when a human entered. I stopped dead in my tracks out of fear. From the shape, I figured it was female and my panic slowly ebbed away. Female humans always screamed and ran at our sight. They made me feel powerful whenever I took my nightly strolls.

However, this human did something different. She screamed but then ran towards us with a long, spiked weapon. I was like a deer caught in the headlights.

‘Junior, over here’, I looked and saw Professor ahead of me.

I ran as fast as my legs could towards Professor. Inside the wardrobe I squeaked happily, celebrating my first escape from the hands of death.

Why was Professor quiet? I looked at him, and my stomach sank. He was caught in a deadly trap. He tried to shake his way out, but age and size were not on his side. I tried to use my tail as an anchor for him to hold on to and pull himself out, but it was futile. In fact, Professor was bruised and was bleeding. I was confused and scared.

‘No, just hold on. I’ll get help’, I said, frightened to my tail.

Professor looked straight into my eyes, ‘Junior, go. Don’t look back, I believe in you’, he said as he squeaked painfully, close to death.

I will avenge you, Prof. My small body allowed me to climb the wardrobe with ease and reach the section where food was. I sank my growing paws into the chocolate bar with revenge in mind and ate a huge chunk of it.

I decided to leave my mark there since that female human had taken Prof away from me. I nibbled and bit here and there and made a huge mess. When I was done, I carried a piece back for Professor but met his dead body. I squeaked painfully.

My hour had come; I was Professor now.

With a sharp mind and eyes that had seen a lot, I set out into the night, waiting for the next stock of female human food.

‘Chidera, will you wake up? It’s time for class’, Claire, my roommate, said and dragged my wrapper off my body.

I sat up sluggishly and tried to figure out my location. This wasn’t a wardrobe; Professor’s body wasn’t lying next to me lifelessly and most importantly, I was a female human! I bolted up and burst into fits of laughter, imagine being a rodent in my dream. I had fun though. Phewww, what a weird dream!!!

Before I started preparing for class, I knelt down and launched into full prayer mode to bind and cast the dream, just like my mother taught me.


8 responses to “SQUEAK! SQUEAK!! SQUEAK!!!”

  1. Dolapo says:


  2. Shammah Idibe says:

    This is actually funny

  3. Otunba says:

    Nice!! Lovely ending

  4. Victor says:

    Good stuff!!

  5. John says:

    Some ameizzing sturv!

  6. Khelz says:

    Very funny and nice

  7. Titi says:

    Beautiful piece!

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