TESA Awards- A Comedy of Errors

Written by NiMechE Press

  • January 1, 2020
  • 28

A comedy of errors is a situation so full of mistakes and problems that it appears funny. This is not a condescending article, let’s put all our insecurities aside.

Where to start, where to start, where to start…

The ’18/19 TESA dinner is fast approaching and as is the case with every academic dinner, everyone is anticipating the awards. In this case, the TESA awards. A representative of the NIMechE-UI Press happens to have an informant in the Dinner committee and I must say that it has been a great experience so far. Well, up until now. Up until a google doc. revealing the award categories was shared.         

Our elders say that two heads are better than one but the results we have seen from a combination of numerous heads… beg to differ. Let me start by asking, who is a money bag? I’ll do you one better, what is a money bag? How are the award categories honoring people for absolutely no achievement whatsoever? Take home to mama and take home to papa? Shoot me! A member of the dinner committee even highlighted that the last time he saw an award category like “take home to mama,” was in his final year of senior secondary. I never saw such in secondary school myself.

The arguments in support of these irrelevant awards were emptier than the TME class of a boring lecturer that doesn’t take attendance. Leaked screenshots from conversations on the TESA dinner committee WhatsApp group demand a cause for alarm.


In this conversation, a member of the group is of the opinion that the award ceremony is for fun. In the conversation that ensued, another member wasn’t in tune with the proposed categories and suggested what should be an award for social projects.

Eventually, there was an argument about the award categories already being too academic. An important member of the committee highlighted the fact that they already had enough awards for academic achievements and listed all two to be exact. Two, including the press.

Just so we are on the same page, the press really isn’t an academic organization. If it were, many of us won’t be here. Maybe none of us in fact. Except of course if membership carried marks.

The problem of award categories in relation to school dinners is an extensive one. The demand for entertainment and the required dose of fun to satisfy our youthful appetites is natural. After all, it is supposed to be a social event. A time to dance, eat and make merry.

However, the awards are in themselves exclusive; they are a thing of honor; they make us strive for excellence. They are not to entertain us or make us laugh. If it were the case then comedians and MCs will be out of business. There is no need for the mental calisthenics. When an award is given for academic excellence it encourages the awardee and the audience to strive for more. When awards are given for entrepreneurship, social projects, innovation, skill and design, artistic endeavors etc. the same effect happens. But when I’m called up to collect an award for being a money bag, it begs the question “what is a money bag?” If we’re all being real, what the world needs -what our country needs- with all that’s happening isn’t a “take home to mama” award or another bogus or irrelevant award category. It’s something to celebrate and motivate tangible achievement. Tech is working. Sometime last semester a club of Techites came first in a national competition and won a million naira. One million naira and there is no award category for such. A group of 500L students in a department in Tech are carrying out a social project that has already reached 60% completion; I’m talking clean energy projects and orphanage homes and there is also no award category for such. We have CAD designers, AI influencers, robotics enthusiasts, IOT engineers all in Tech and all with reasonable achievements. These intellectuals and great thinkers will sit on four-legged stools with back rests as they watch their colleagues climb the podium to receive awards for being the most handsome in the faculty of technology? God forbid!

This is a new year; we should start on a good note. We are intellectuals first before anything else. We are Technology, the pace setters, the wheel and gears of the world. The others should learn from us. If these TESA awards are not revised, then operation TESA Abort! must be put into action.

Do you agree or disagree with the current TESA Award categories? Here’s a chance to let the powers that be know your opinion. Take our online poll here.

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.

28 responses to “TESA Awards- A Comedy of Errors”

  1. Mukhtar says:

    Exactly, I think I will go with the writer , The fact is that some of the categories of the award are uncalled for.

  2. Victor says:

    Seriously some of these categories are simply atrocious.

  3. Aduke says:

    You guys are doing great work. Money bag is a weird award. On what basis is it even going to be given. Kudos Nimeche Press, more inks to your pens this year.

  4. O! says:

    Wow. It is about time. It was funny that no one said anything on the 500 level WhatsApp group.
    Thank you for this anyway. I am impressed for the first time.

  5. Korede says:

    In the event that we don’t win #tesaabort. We would at least know that we have fought a good fight

  6. SamTam says:

    At first I thought it was only one page, I even encouraged people to nominate.
    Only to see the other pages

  7. Obinna says:

    What are the essence of awards? Why should people be awarded? If you ask me, I’ll tell you that awards are meant to recognize deserving individuals. People who have gone out of their way to achieve great feats. It also encourages people to work harder in order to attain greatness. In as much as we all want to have fun and enjoy ourselves, we should also be very careful not to mash-up the whole thingy as we are currently doing and end up defeating the whole idea of giving out the award in the first place. So, in essence, I believe that more deserving categories should be included and less deserving categories should be scrapped.

  8. SinaArts says:

    If they had put up nominations for people who have made positive impacts on the society with their money / charity stuff…. I can still say they are making sense.

    It is this same money bag ideology that is driving our youths into corrupt activities!!!

    • Korede says:

      Ikr… It’s not like the moneybag award is given to people who have invested in the community or in TECH.

  9. Pauleye says:


    At least we are having a dinner this year, if the like let them do any aware they want

  10. John says:

    I must commend the writer.. The award categories must be revised..

  11. Peace Badejo says:

    In our bid to chastise TESA for the obvious ridiculous awards they have come up with, we shouldn’t be blind to the rationale behind it. From their arguments, the dinner poses to be the only ‘all-inclusive’ social event that would come up in the faculty, which is very true.
    So I’ll say awards for ‘most fashionable’ , ‘entrepneur per excellence’ or ‘outstanding personality’ will suffice instead of ‘take home to mama’, ‘money bag’ and all of those funny names they have given to them.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. SinaArts says:

    However, I’ll just advise that the Press, meets with the dinner committee, have a one on one interview with them, know their opinion and decisions they are willing to make. Before a public vote is being pulled.
    I believe things can be solved amicably that way.

  14. Banjiola says:

    Well said. Nice one from our ever active press.
    In my opinion awards are simply meant to encourage deserving members of an association and challenge others to do more, the awards are a great initiative but we are techites and our awards should tilt towards techy things while I am not aware of the other outrageous categories I would implore the dinner committee to leave the money bags and take home to mama awards for the social sciences.

  15. J. says:

    This “article” is obviously biased and you didn’t even try to hide the bias.

    In this “article”, i didn’t see any comments from members of the dinner committee. Did the infamous nimeche press contact the chair of the planning committee? No, you didn’t.

    Lol, you picked a few screenshots of the discourse, as if few screenshots tell the whole story.

    Makes one wonder which narrative you’re trying to push.

    I understand, Agenda must “agend”.

    • O! says:

      It is an award, not a reward. Bias already is in existence. If what they are talking about is untrue, then it is a different case. The press is the voice of the people, not the voice of the people in power. If the committee wants to make a statement, they should reach out to the press. Thank you

  16. ONE-TESA ADVOCATE. says:

    Well. This is uncalled for and very irrelevant. I smell hatred here. If the other lady( whoever her name was) that went against Faddy had won, will you guys bring up this stupid argument. All the non- performing Tesa Presidents Mech has produced. Which of them did you write all these rubbish about. You people should park well jhor. Nonsense. You better don’t try to divide Tech oo. You might have the number but Tech does not belong only Mech oooo. So you must not always have your way in all you do. Go attend other dinners in other faculties and see the kind of awards they give and not come here trying to get cheap fame or something.. YES the dinner is a social event and not one of your rubbish, boring ,God forsaken TME classes.You guys should stop crying over spilt milk. You ain’t kids any longer✌✌ #PEACE # ONE TESA

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