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  • November 27, 2019
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She slammed the door shut!

What is it that makes us quarrel, fight, argue? I know what this already sounds like; total bull feces. But this is my epiphany. Not the reason; the train of thought, the process. What leads to a quarrel? You agree it is more psychological than physical. Conflict is a thing of the mind. Conflict is the only thing that brings us together and tears us apart right after. In my opinion, it is the only thing we haven’t been able to control, and by we, I mean us humans. Well, maybe animals too. After all that’s what we all are really, animals.

Conflict resolves conflict. I don’t have much time. Honestly, the truth is you don’t have much attention span so let’s talk about the war. Conflict began the war; the ideas of one nation conflicted with another. Well, many others (Germany vs France and most of the world). Conflict ended the war; the ideas of some nations conflicted with the others’ (Britain, America and most of the world vs Germany, Japan and some others).

You see, essentially, the world that we live in is built on conflict and by conflict it exists. Some of the greatest inventions that we survive by today were birthed by conflict. Electricity; Edison and Rockefeller had conflicting ideas about how homes should be lit. Rockefeller invented the kerosene lamp but Edison believed lightbulbs were the way to go. Rockefeller was mad, he wrote to the newspapers about the dangers of electricity and word spread quickly. It’s the newspapers so I guess word should spread quickly. Rockefeller was a powerful man, he owned all the oil producing companies in America. It was the world’s greatest monopoly, but eventually Edison prevailed. Conflict! Few years later, Edison’s assistant was going on about alternating current and that Edison should look into his design so they could perfect it. Edison refused, said it was too dangerous. How ironic. Eventually, Nicola Tesla stopped working as Edison’s assistant and went on to find investors for AC. After numerous demonstrations about how safe AC was using himself as a conductor, people still preferred General Electric’s direct current but at least he got some followers. I’ll be damned if I didn’t follow a human conductor. I mean, what other kind of assurance do you need? Not long after, the first and biggest dam was going to be constructed and guess who won and is still winning dam contracts? Alternative current.

So here’s the thing, conflict builds and conflict destroys but it doesn’t have to destroy. Just like money, conflict has its own soul and can control you if you don’t take the steering wheel early enough. And what is the steering wheel? Society! Look, if I grew up in a society where I’m not allowed to throw a punch at anyone, when I’m in a situation of conflict, violence won’t be an option. I can feel a “who said anything about throwing kicks” joke coming, let it sit! This is not the time. I’m almost there.

Look, our society is our compass, it might not necessarily determine how successful we become in life (Dangote), but it sure well determines what we’re going to do when success and all of the things that come with it arrive (Wizkid). So, let’s be honest here for a minute, conflict is not the problem. We are, because we are society. And by we, I mean us humans. Well, maybe animals too. After all that’s what we all are really, animals.

PS: I know you feel the final paragraph could have been joined with the one it succeeds. Well, it’s my article and…

I’m not a Writer

2 responses to “THIS IS AN ESSAY – I’m not a writer.”

  1. Korede says:

    Oh my God. I love the blog!

  2. Obinna says:

    Hmm…. Very interesting thoughts you just dropped there. Kudos.

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