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  • June 6, 2020
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Emmanuella get me “Combatrin”
Emmanuella while on the Call of Duty to get Combatrin gave us Mortal Kombat and I in the course of writing this present to you e-learning, oops I meant to say e-sporting.

Video games are really cool stuff that have captured our minds, hearts and imaginations both as children and as adults. As a kid, if you had a Nintendo console, you were considered a boss in Uites’ voice. At a time, many people engaged in them solely for fun. Little did we know that these video games would serve as a platform for something even bigger: e-sports.

E-sports simply means Electronic sports. This is the competitive playing of video games on specific online gaming platforms either on a team or individual basis. Other names for e-sports includes competitive video gaming and professional gaming. Some team-based platforms are Call of Duty and League of Legends while Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone are solo for the most part.
In the professional gaming world, the team/league system is well established and highly revered. Once a team is formed, they stick together to participate in gaming leagues which are similar to football leagues. These gaming leagues are specific to each game franchise. In each gaming franchise, there are different tiers of leagues in which teams can either be relegated or promoted.

Gaming competitions can be played within the same space or remotely from various locations. You might be tempted to ask, “What about my guys that carry pads all around?” The fact that someone plays video games does not make such a person a professional gamer. Professional gaming goes beyond just playing video games but playing on a much higher level as they have to spend up to 15 hours daily to 50 hours weekly practicing and studying team moves and strategies which is mentally draining.

Gaming careers usually last from teenage years to mid-twenties which is relatively short. The world of e-sports is growing at a rapid pace especially in Europe and Asia with Africa not being totally left out as there are platforms to scout for gaming talent here too. The market of e-sporting is also providing huge potential for game developers, sporting franchise, the professional gamers, online streaming platforms and of course data for machine learners as they can analyse millions of game data.

However, there are issues to be looked into in e-sporting. Such issues are a possible recognition as a conventional sport, inclusion in the Olympics, other ethical issues (doping, match fixing and violent gaming behaviours). These issues are likely not going to impede the rise of e-sports because all other conventional sports have ethical issue too. It might go on to establish itself among other sports soon.

So, when next your boos ask for your life savings to get
PS5, please give it to them, please do! They might be the next big
thing in the world of professional gaming!


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