What Is This Life?

Written by NiMechE Press

  • January 9, 2020
  • 8

It was pitch-black and poor Anike was just entering the doors of her home. She was thankful that NEPA had decided to not mess up as she walked tired into her small living room.

She was terribly hungry and tired but all she could do was lay on her bed. She couldn’t move. She thought to herself how it was only a job she applied for, not a slow death sentence. But as her mum would say in Yoruba, “Omo w’ase, o r’ise“.

On the bright side she was thankful that she had a roof over her head; you know, proper shelter. She remembered the headlines she had seen on the TV in her office that morning; “The Fires In Australia”. So many people, animals -living things that breathe the same air we do- did not have homes anymore. Hell, they weren’t even existing anymore!

They had no place to rest even though they were most likely running away from the areas affected by the fires. They had neither water to quench their thirst nor food to give them energy.

And in that single moment, Anike wept. She didn’t weep for her tired bones and rumbling stomach, but for those who had been displaced because of the fires; the poor animals that continue to go extinct, even as each day passes.


8 responses to “What Is This Life?”

  1. Tobi Farinde says:

    This is great, help make a storybook out of it.

  2. Otunba says:

    I hope that there’s respite for them sooner rather than later.

  3. Moon says:

    This is laudable and impressive

  4. . says:

    Here we go…

  5. Ibk says:

    It’s really sad. Since September… Over a billion animals have been estimated to be dead. And the worse is the smoke moving towards the residential areas displacing people. I pray Miraculous rain falls soon cause It sure can go on for more Months considering Previous records and this global warming issue. Pray for Australia. Donate to the NGOs helping out.

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